"It was incredibly helpful to have King-Wey on board  to help with our winter wedding. We basically had no idea what we were doing the whole time and she completely put us at ease. As soon as she visited the venue and sent us images of how she would treat the place our anxiety levels dropped significantly. Suddenly we could see how beautiful she could make the venue look.

One of the key things we found about planning a wedding is it's super important to work with people whose taste you like, and King-Wey has great taste. We were safe in the knowledge whatever hideous mistakes we made personally , at least King-Wey would make the space look amazing.

We had lots of questions throughout the planning process, most of them dumb, but King-Wey was on hand to answer them all. Even when we were panicking, King-Wey was cool.

When the day of the wedding came, King-Wey delivered big time. Even when we realised that we has not ordered enough buttonholes she was able to improvise and produce extra ones with the cool aplomb of a pro.

When we arrived at the venue it looked sublime and the whole day was like a big beautiful dream.

We couldn't recommend her more."

- Alex & Craig

"Out of all the different elements that came together to create our wedding day, working with King-Wey was the easiest and least stressful. From our very first meeting I knew she would take our brief and turn it into something wonderful, and she did just that. We were blown away by her creativity and fresh approach and listened avidly to her idea for what would work best. For instance, I really wanted peonies however due to it being Autumn they weren't in season. King-Wey recommended an alternative that was even more beautiful - fluffy pink English roses that smelt absolutely divine. i'm so glad she was a part of our day and can't recommend her highly enough"

- Polly & Charlie

"The incredible flowers we had for our wedding totally exceeded our expectations. The care and detail that King-Wey put into the arrangements was on another level. Having worked in hospitality for over 12 years and developed relationships with several different florists I can honestly say I rarely work with someone as good as King-Wey. She was professional, intuitively understood what we wanted and kept to the budget. Conversations were efficient and the job executed to the highest level.  She is seriously talented and I will definitely be going straight to her whenever I have an event needing beautiful flowers.

Alright Petal Flowers should be ruling the world in the world of florists."

- Laura & Alex

"So I was not one of those girls who dreamt of her wedding day, if anything I would have rather not have planned the day.

After hours on Pinterest, I had a very rough idea of what I wanted and I set about trying to find a florist. I did meet a few but felt that they gave me little space for flexibility and creativity because I was still not crystal clear on what I wanted.

On lamenting to a group of some of my friends I was introduced to King-Wey. It was like getting my birthday and Christmas, all in one day!!
She was such a joy to work with. We met for coffee and we went through my ideas together and talked about their feasibility. She understood what I wanted and using her wealth of knowledge, she helped me iron out a ‘vision’ for the day. We went through my budget and what she delivered was beyond my expectation. I cannot recommend her enough!

Also she was so easy to talk to and very professional. I am really happy that she was and will always be part of my big day."

- Seun & Michael

"King-Wey of Alright Petal Flowers designed and delivered incredible flowers for our wedding in May 2016. The designs were one-of-a-kind, in keeping with the brief and were personally delivered early and on budget. But most of all, they were absolutely stunning and added a great deal to our day.

King-Wey created five hand-tied fresh bouquets (four for the bridesmaids and a larger bridal version for me), a wild, beautiful metre-long fresh flower garland which was first used on our signing table in the church and then later draped across a mantelpiece at dinner and an incredible display of flowers designed to climb the outer edge of the staircase at the reception - a truly lovely and fragrant addition that was entirely King-Wey's idea.

I appreciated King-Wey's professionalism, her creativity and the great care she took to ensure the end result exceeded our expectations. I would highly recommend her and hope to have the chance to book her again in future."

- Joslyn & Tom